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Where are the poles on these magnets?

What Is Pull Force? touché 1touché 6

To what temperature can normal [non-SH] Neodymium magnets be subjected before they start losing their magnetic force?
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To what temperature can Samarium Cobalt SmCo magnets be subjected before they start losing their magnetic force? touché 1
To what temperature can Ceramic magnets be subjected before they start losing their magnetic force?

What are diametrically magnetized cylinder magnets?

What are the Gauss ratings of our magnets? touché 1

What does grade N42 , N45 or N52 mean?

Can I cut or drill neodymium magnets?

How long will Neodymium magnets last?

How do I separate strong magnets that have separators between them or get 2 strong magnets apart that have become stuck together?

What are the tolerances of our magnets?

Where are the poles on these magnets?

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For rectangle/bar magnets… All our rectangular magnets are magnetized through the thickness.. The poles are always on the surfaces of the 1st two numbers of the measurements.

On round magnets… The poles are always axially magnetized through the thickness…This means the poles are on the flat surfaces unless stated that they are diametrically magnetized which means the poles will be on the curved sides.

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What Is Pull Force?

Pull Force is the amount of force required to separate 2 of the same size magnets from each other.

Actual pull force of cylinder/disc magnets may vary depending on different applications due to the small contact surface, please test them before usage

Rule of thumb is that the magnet will hold approx. 1/3 the weight of the stated pull force. So…If pull force stated is 90 lbs…the magnet will hold approx. 30 lbs in weight hanging from it.

Also..If you are trying to stick the magnet to stainless steel…the better the quality of the stainless steel…the less the magnet will stick.

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To what temperature can normal [non-SH] Neodymium magnets be subjected before they start losing their magnetic force?

176 degrees Fahrenheit or 80 degrees Centigrade.

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To what temperature can Samarium Cobalt SmCo magnets be subjected before they start losing their magnetic force?


572 degrees Fahrenheit or 300 degrees Centigrade.

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To what temperature can Ceramic magnets be subjected before they start losing their magnetic force?

480 degrees Fahrenheit or 250 degrees Centigrade, but, the magnets should not be exposed to heating or cooling rate changes greater than 200°F or 93.3°C per hour.

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What are diametrically magnetized cylinder magnets?

Diametrically magnetized cylinder magnets have the poles (attraction) on the curved sides instead of on the flat ends.

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What are the Gauss ratings of our magnets?

The amount of magnetism [brmax at the center] of a magnet is measured in Gauss. This is a measure of the penetration of a magnet. Below is a table of the Gauss ratings of the most popular neodymium magnets:

Grade Gauss
N35 11,700-12,100
N38 12,100-12,500
N40 12,600-12,900
N42 12,900-13,200
N45 13,500-13,800
N48 14,000-14,200
N50 14,300-14,500
N52 14,600-14,800

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What does grade N42 , N45 or N52 mean?

The strength of neodymium magnets is given by a grading from N24 for the lowest strength magnets to N52 for the strongest we carry.
Each number higher is about 1% stronger than the previous number grade.

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Can I cut or drill neodymium magnets?

NO…With cutting or drilling there is both a fire or fracture hazard and the dust is toxic.

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How long will Neodymium magnets last?

400 years…if not subjected to sharp impacts or higher than rated temperatures.

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How do I separate strong magnets that have separators between them or get 2 strong magnets apart that have become stuck together?

For even bigger and stronger magnets we suggest 2 people. One to hold securely the magnet on the table and the other to hold securely and push the other magnet that is over the leading edge of the table down and away and then keep it away from the other magnet(s)

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What are the tolerances of our magnets?
For all Neodymium magnets with production date after 01/01/2014, standard tolerances are as follows:

Less than 2″: +/-0.002 inch
2″ and above: +/- 0.004 inch

The standard tolerance for ceramic magnets is +/- 2% of the dimensions except thickness. The tolerance for thickness is +/- 0.15mm.

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Applied Magnets offers the strongest magnets and neodymium magnets for sale at factory direct prices.
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To comply with 16 CFR Part 1240 – SAFETY STANDARD FOR MAGNET SETS
Our magnets are not intended for use with or as a magnet set. A magnet set is defined as any aggregation of separable magnetic objects that is a consumer product intended, marketed or commonly used as a manipulative or construction item for entertainment, such as puzzle working, sculpture building, mental stimulation, or stress relief.

Applied Magnets is the #1 leading wholesaler of permanent rare earth industrial magnets, ferrite ceramic magnets, magnetic assemblies, magnet tools made with neodymium rare earth magnets, effective magnetic water treatment system made with the most powerful neodymium rare earth magnets and magnetic accessories and Magnetic Levitation Science Projects. We distribute industrial neo neodymium-iron-boron NdFeB rare earth magnets, cup magnets, samarium cobalt rare earth industrial magnets SmCo, ferrite (ceramic) magnets, magnetic strips, magnet wire, Magnetic Levitation & Magnetic Levitating Train Kits and magnetic tools.

Magnet Pole Detector – Identifier – [POLE-1] Hot New Item – Now In Stock!
This is a great new gadget we are carrying!
Works with all types of magnets!

How does it identify the north and south poles of a permanent magnet?

Simply press and hold the black oval button.Then, place the tip of the detector near the surface of the magnet.

If it is the North Pole, the Red LED will glow.
Magnet Pole Detector – Identifier-North
Magnet Pole Detector – Identifier-South
If it’s the South Pole, the Green LED will glow.

It’s just that simple.

And if the button is held and the unit is moved around the surface of the magnet….you can see the transition from one pole to another.

This pole identifier is guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

It can be used for NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, Ceramic and most other magnets and refrigerator/flexible magnets.

• Pole detection of permanent magnets
• Measurement of stray magnetic fields in packaging
• Coil testing
• Post-magnetization polarity checks

Helps with the following tasks:
• Electric motor assembly
• Installation of magnetic clamping blocks
• Error Analysis
• Multipole quality control
• Pole detection of therapy magnets

Dimensions: approx. 5.6″ x 0.9″ x 0.8″, measuring side 1/2″ x 1/2″
Weight: approx. 0.08 lb with batteries
Display: two LED display (green= south, red=north)
Sensitivity: ±17mT (170Gs) on/off hysteresis
Operating temperature range: -10°C ~ +50°C
Storage temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C
Battery: 4 x 1.5v button cells (included)

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Hydro-Soft Neodymium Magnetic Water Softener Now In Stock
We are now stocking the Hydro-Soft Neodymium Magnetic Water Softener.
“Hydro-Soft” magnetic water devices are easily placed over the outside of any type of plastic or copper pipe.
Even a caveman can install “Hydro-Soft” water treatment devices…It’s sooo easy!
Built with Most effective…Strongest rare earth neo neodymium magnets !
Nickel-copper-nickel triple layer coating for maximum corrosion resistance.

A very easy do-it yourself installation project that takes very little time & with no pipe cutting!

“Hydro-Soft” water softener devices will not give you that slimy feeling in the shower that you get from a salt based water softener.

“Hydro-Soft” water softener device is powered by high tech…high energy shielded neo neodymium magnetic fields and the flow of the water through your pipes. Not electricity!

The “Hydro-Soft” water softener devices are effective on city and well water alike.

Why are “Hydro-Soft” water softener devices better than salt based water softeners?

* Super duty solid steel back driver quadruples the magnetic strength
* Requires No Salt and No Ongoing Expenses.
* Requires No Plumbing Modifications.
* Requires No Electricity.
* Maintenance Free.
* No Back Flushing & No Inconvenience.
* Completely Silent Operation.
* Requires No Water.
* Improves Water Flow and Pressure by Removing Scale Build-up From Inside Pipes and Appliances.
* Prevents and Removes Existing Lime and Scale Build-up.
* Does Not Corrode Water Heaters, Pipes, & Fixtures.
* Safe for Older Homes!
* Does Not Harm Our Environment or Our Fresh Water Supply.
* Feel Cleaner and Fresher After Bathing.
* Legal To Use In All Areas of The U.S.
* Safe For Heart Patients and Those With Hypertension.
* Take Applied Magnets Water Softener Devices With You When You Move.
* Retains Healthful Minerals.

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Welcome to Applied Magnets where we sell strong magnets for less. One category of strong magnets that we have in stock is a whole line of ceramic magnets. Our ceramic magnets are high in demand and are highly versatile. These have been used in many an industry and with a high success rate. You can never go wrong with our huge assortment of ceramic magnets. From inducers, electromagnets and transformers magnets have been used in everything. We stock both ceramic blocks and rings for whatever projects you need them for. Browse our site for the most comprehensive selection of ceramic magnets on the web. Look through our picture gallery to find the product you are looking for and we will deliver it to you.

Many materials have unpaired electron spins, and the majority of these materials are paramagnetic. When the spins interact with each other in such a way that the spins align spontaneously, the materials are called ferromagnetic (what is often loosely termed as “magnetic”). Due to the way their regular crystalline atomic structure causes their spins to interact, some metals are (ferro)magnetic when found in their natural states, as ores. These include iron ore (magnetite or lodestone), cobalt and nickel, as well the rare earth metals gadolinium and dysprosium (when at a very low temperature). Such naturally occurring (ferro)magnets were used in the first experiments with magnetism. Technology has since expanded the availability of magnetic materials to include various manmade products, all based, however, on naturally magnetic elements.
Not only do we have a collection of ceramic magnets but we also have a large range of Neodymium Magnets as well. These magnets are very robust in relation to their size. Popular with industries and hobbyists.
Neodymium magnets are used in a wide variety of applications. From hard drives to headphones to loudspeakers these magnets have seen it all.
Ceramic Magnets or ferrite
Ceramic magnets, or ferrite, are made of a sintered composite of powdered iron oxide and barium/strontium carbonate ceramic. Due to the low cost of the materials and manufacturing methods, inexpensive Ceramic magnets (or nonmagnetized ferromagnetic cores, for use in electronic component such as radio antennas, for example) of various shapes can be easily mass produced. The resulting Ceramic magnets are noncorroding, but brittle and must be treated like other ceramics.
Neodymium-iron-boron (NIB)
Neodymium magnets, also referred to as neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets, have the highest magnetic field strength, but are inferior to samarium cobalt in resistance to oxidation and temperature. This type of magnet has traditionally been expensive, due to both the cost of raw materials and licensing of the patents involved. This high cost limited their use to applications where such high strengths from a compact magnet are critical. Use of protective surface treatments such as gold, nickel, zinc and tin plating and epoxy resin coating can provide corrosion protection where required. Beginning in the 1980s, NIB magnets have increasingly become less expensive. Even tiny neodymium magnets are very powerful and have important safety considerations.At Applied Magnets you will get the best possible price on these Neodymium magnets. All you have to do is just browse and choose from our huge selection and we will do the rest. Plus with shopping online you get the modern convenience of buying from your home or place of business. Nonetheless, our neodymium magnets come in many different shapes and sizes. From blocks, cubes, spheres, cylinders to arcs and rings; we here on our website offer it all. We can supply you with our neodymium magnets better then the other suppliers out there.

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